Monogamy and the Rules of Love

Last night there was an interesting Radio 4 documentary on the diversity of romantic relationship structures around today. One of the experts is the excellent Esther Perel – author of Mating in Captivity.

Available to listen again here:

There was also a discussion of the same issue in advance of this programme on Radio 2 earlier that day:

The marvellous Laurie Penny reflected on the topic in the Guardian today:

2 Responses to Monogamy and the Rules of Love

  1. I wish the description didn’t suggest that monogamy was “on its way out,” so to speak. I feel like the conversation clearly ended on a, “in the future, monogamy will become more of a choice, something that romantic partners can negotiate rather than assume,” note. Gotta reel the audiences in somehow, I guess.

    • I quite agree – it wasn’t a great title for the programme. My main argument with this is that it isn’t useful to separate out monogamy and ‘non-monogamy’ but rather to look at the kinds of negotiations that happen across all relationships and the diversity of possible relationship forms.

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