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If you are looking for a sex or relationship therapist I am part of a group of such therapists at London Sex and Relationship Therapy. Whilst I only see a couple of private therapy clients per week myself, there are several other people of a similar mindset on there who do.

I personally mostly work in a voluntary capacity within an LGBT organisation, London Friend, which has a number of excellent counsellors. However, if you are looking for somebody specifically in one of my areas of expertise then I do have an occasional slot so feel free to contact me. I can always suggest other therapists if I don’t have room currently. You can find more details about my therapy on the Pink Therapy website.

There is further information about how to find a therapist on the Sense about Sex website. In the UK you can either get a referral to a specialist NHS clinic through your GP, or find a private or voluntary therapist. The most important thing with therapy is to find a therapist or counsellor who you have a good rapport with and feel comfortable speaking with. The videos that I created with Open University colleagues here are useful if you want to find out more.

If you are looking for therapy with someone who works specifically with sexual and gender diversity (LGBTQ, kink, poly, etc.) then there is a list of private therapists on Pink Therapy which you can search for both location and area of expertise. Also there are charities which provide voluntary and lower cost therapy in many UK cities, such as London Friend and PACE in London and the LGBTF in Manchester. There are also online lists of Kink Aware Therapists and Poly friendly therapists (and other professionals).


I do offer briefer coaching in relationships, and in self-care, for those who are interested in exploring the ideas covered in my books and website in relation to their own lives. This normally takes the form of a 75 minute in person conversation with two briefer follow up e-mail exchanges, phonecalls or skype sessions. Contact me directly if you are interested in this (


I also offer a mentoring/supervision role for some professionals in the LGBT voluntary sector, for academics working around gender and sexual diversity and relationships, for writers/creators, and for practitioners. This may take the form, for example, of a monthly session to discuss the personal challenges of your role, brief mediation between people who work together, or support with academic or creative work.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss this (


I can’t otherwise engage in personal correspondence about your issues, but hopefully you will find the posts, links and resources on this website useful in relation to this. There are online groups and workshop-based events for many gender, sexuality, and relationship diverse communities which can be great places to get support and advice. An internet search should suggest groups in your local area or online spaces where you can chat to likeminded people.

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