New zine – queer relationships

I just spent the whole weekend and two excellent events on relationships: Queer polyday in Leicester, and the Polyamory, Consensual Non-Monogamy and Relationship Anarchy day in Manchester.

For my bits of the days I put together a zine bringing together some of my thoughts on relationships from the last decade or so, and asking what I hope are a useful set of questions about our relationships – whether or not we see ourselves, or our relationships, as queer.


The zine takes as a starting point the word queer, and the different possible meanings of that term. Then it applies these different meanings to relationships to ask the question ‘what does a queer relationship look like?’ Particular it explores the cultural acceptability of different kinds of relationships, different relationship labels, the idea of relationships being on multiple dimensions, and what it’s like to shift from the question of what relationships we have, to how we do them.

You can download the zine here. It prints out best in booklet form, but fine to read it as a pdf on an e-reader or computer also.

Why be normal? Podcast goes live

Earlier this year I spoke at a panel at the SICK! Festival about normal sex: why people want so much to be normal, and why the struggle to be normal often makes people suffer more, rather than less.


I wrote an article for SICK! on this tpoic which you can read here (and which may soon be developed into a short book – you heard it here first!)

Also the festival have now published the podcast of our debate including some very interesting discussions about same-sex marriage and sexual ‘dysfunction’, amongst other topics.

Why be normal?

This Valentine’s day I’ll be taking a break from my usual topics of this time of year and I’ll be blogging about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie which is released for Valentine’s weekend.

Meanwhile here’s a link to a blog post which I did about normal sex for the Sick! Festival which I’ll be taking part in up in Manchester in March.

Why be normal?

New book on women’s sexual fantasies

Emily Dubberley, founder of Cliterati website, is writing a book on women’s sexual fantasy in 21st century – an updating of the Nancy Friday books, which are still recommended by sex therapists to people who want to explore their sexualities.

As part of the project, Emily is organising a survey. Feel free to contribute to the survey in any way you would like to and to pass on the details. It would be great to have as diverse a group of people as possible taking part.

Go here to take part in the survey.