I provide training on a number of topics, primarily to counsellors, psychotherapists and other practitioners, but I can also train on most of these topics to more general audiences (e.g. workplaces, medics, community groups) as well as providing interactive workshops for interested members of the general public.

I have many years experience providing training and CPD (continuing professional development) and these events are always well received. See below for a list of the topics that I train on. See my talks for examples of me speaking on these topics.

Cost is usually £500 for half a day, £1000 for a whole day, and £250 for an hour training. But discounts and free trainings are possible for non-profit and charitable organisations.

List of topics for training/CPD:

2 Responses to Training

  1. Tavis says:

    Hi Meg. For your training at COSRT, I see you’re midstream with your third relationship lecture taking place next. If I jump on your next lecture, will I be too far behind to keep up or do you think I’ll be alright. -Tay

    • Hey Tavis, lovely to see you here!
      You should be okay if you come in on the next couple of COSRT relationship therapy days. Basically the next one covers all kinds of different techniques from various approaches to therapy which people might find useful, and the final one covers therapy across various different kinds of relationships (mostly focused on LGB and non-monogamous ones). So I’m assuming some people wouldn’t have been to the first two (which covered the basic skills of relationship therapy, and dealing with conflict specifically). I can happily send you the handouts from the first two if that’d be useful. Just drop me an email on if so.

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